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SMS, Email, or WhatsApp? Best Practices for Webinar Reminders

August 24, 20232 min read


You've spent hours creating killer content for your real estate webinar, but will people actually show up? Reminder systems are the unspoken heroes of high webinar attendance, but with so many channels—SMS, Email, WhatsApp—which one reigns supreme? Let's dive into the best practices for each, so you can crank those attendance rates up to 11.

SMS: The Immediate Attention-Grabber

Why It Works

SMS boasts a staggering open rate of 98%. It’s direct and instant, making it ideal for last-minute reminders.

Best Practices

1. Keep It Short: SMS has a character limit. Make every word count.

2. Include Vital Info: Date, time, and a clickable link to the webinar room.

3. Time It Right: Ideal for a day-before or day-of reminder.


"Hey [Name], your chance to transform your real estate game is tomorrow at 5 PM! Don't miss out. Join us here: [Link]"

Email: The Detail-Oriented Professional

Why It Works

Emails can carry more information and can be enriched with visuals and CTA buttons.

Best Practices

1. Subject Line: Make it catchy to increase open rates.

2. Multi-Stage Reminders: Send an initial announcement, a one-week-before reminder, and a last-call email.

3. Personalization: Use the attendee's name and mention a pain point that the webinar will solve.


Subject: "Unlock the Secrets to Real Estate Success—Webinar Tomorrow!"

WhatsApp: The Casual Conversation Starter

Why It Works

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is popular and less intrusive than SMS. It allows for richer content like images and short videos.

Best Practices

1. Keep It Casual: Write as if you’re messaging a friend.

2. Use Media: Send an attention-grabbing image or GIF along with the text.

3. Group Messages: For high engagement, consider creating a temporary WhatsApp group for attendees.


"Hey [Name] 👋 Just a quick reminder about our game-changing real estate webinar tomorrow. Can't wait to see you there! 🏠"

Multi-Channel Strategy: The Sweet Spot

Don’t limit yourself to one channel. A multi-channel reminder approach often works best. Start with an email for the initial announcement, followed by a WhatsApp message for a mid-week nudge, and an SMS for the last-minute push.


SMS, Email, and WhatsApp each have their unique strengths for webinar reminders. Your job is to play matchmaker. Choose the right channel for the right message at the right time, and watch your attendance rates skyrocket. So go ahead, set those reminders and get ready for a full house at your next webinar.

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