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The Complete Guide to Filling Your Webinar Seats with Quality Leads

August 16, 20232 min read


You’ve got the perfect webinar planned: insightful content, killer visuals, and an offer that’s hotter than a July afternoon. But even the best webinar is worthless if no one shows up to listen. What you need are quality leads filling up those virtual seats. Here's the lowdown on how to do just that.

Identify Your Ideal Attendee

Before you can start filling those seats, you need to know exactly who should be sitting in them. Nail down your buyer persona—age, location, job role, pain points, etc. This will guide your entire promotional strategy.

Pick the Right Platform and Time

Use webinar platforms that allow for easy registration and email reminders. Also, pick a time that suits your target audience—usually midweek, during lunch hours, or in the evening for B2C markets.

Pre-Webinar Buzz

Email Marketing

If you’ve got an email list, now’s the time to use it. Use a sequence of three emails: one to announce the webinar, one as a reminder a week before, and a last-minute "don’t miss out" email.

Social Media

Create a series of posts leading up to the webinar. Use targeted ads if your budget allows. LinkedIn works well for B2B, while Instagram and Facebook are solid B2C options.


Collaborate with complementary businesses or influencers to promote your webinar to their audiences. Make sure they also benefit from this collaboration.

Day-of Webinar Strategies

Urgency-Inducing Reminders

Send out an email reminder an hour before your webinar, highlighting what attendees stand to gain and lose (FOMO is real).

Leverage Your Network

Your professional contacts can be a goldmine. Ask colleagues, partners, and even satisfied clients to share the webinar on their networks.

The Power of Free

Offering a free e-book or consultation to attendees can increase attendance and keep people in their seats.

Post-Webinar Follow-Up

Instant Gratification

Immediately after the webinar, send out a "Thank You" email with a recording of the webinar and additional resources. This keeps the lead hot and moves them further down the funnel.

Re-Engage No-Shows

No-shows aren't lost causes. Send them a link to the webinar recording and ask for feedback on why they couldn’t attend. You’ll gain valuable insights and possibly convert a few.

Segment and Personalize

Based on attendance and engagement, segment your leads into categories (hot, warm, cold) and tailor your follow-up messages accordingly.


Filling your webinar seats with quality leads isn’t about casting a wide net; it's about targeted, strategic actions that attract the right people for the right reasons. From identifying your ideal attendee to nailing the follow-up, each step is a critical piece of the puzzle. So implement these strategies and get ready to see those webinar seats fill up faster than you can say "conversion."

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